Who We Are

 Neptune's Car Performs at a House Concert. Acoustics at Oaks End, Georgia. Photo by David Miller.

Neptune's Car Performs at a House Concert. Acoustics at Oaks End, Georgia. Photo by David Miller.

Neptune's Car is Holly Hanson (from Massachusetts) and Steve Hayes (from New Hampshire).

  • We write and perform original, Contemporary Folk music.
  • We travel around the country and perform in listening rooms (libraries, coffee houses, living rooms, opera houses, churches). Hire us for your listening-room event.
  • We've released three full-length albums.
  • We've been performing together as Neptune's Car since 2006.
Neptune’s Car got the first encore request of the 15 concerts we’ve had!!! They were fun start to finish with wonderful harmonies, energized guitar playing, and fun-loving banter between songs — a delight!
— Cindi H., Acoustic Sounds above the Lake
The reason we became part of the Columbia, MO, house concert scene is this duo. They were the first artists we saw as part of the Lydaco Concert Series. They were the first artists we ever saw at a house concert. Yep, we saw them twice in 3 days. They are that good. And the potential to have them perform at our own house concert was the reason we decided to start hosting house concerts.
— Ron J., Jones House Concerts

Album Reviews

The 45th Parallel

“I am such a huge fan of this duo. In 2010, I named their release Strawberry Moon as the very best release of the year. Their follow up in 2012 Letters from the Road was equally impressive, and this CD — outstanding — already a lock for my Best of the Year list . . . anything this duo puts out, I am a true fan of.”

— Barry G., Acoustic Highway, WHRV, Virginia

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Letters from the Road

“The songwriting is simply lovely. Each song tells a tale, drawing you into the world portrayed. You're nestled by a lighthouse. You're musing life in a country bar. You're traveling the rails with Boxcar Betty, or you're finding and losing love in the old west. Each story gives us another facet of the world. Many remind us that life isn't perfect — but we hang in there and make it through.”

— Lisa S., Author

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Strawberry Moon

“A beautiful blend of country and folk . . . Holly’s vocals are tender, warm and quite evocative with each song taking the form of a story or tale. Steve’s guitar playing complements Holly’s vocals perfectly giving each of the songs depth and character . . . it is worth taking time to listen to the lyrics as they hold the key to this feast of musical delights . . . there are hints of Nickel Creek and Alison Krauss but Neptune’s Car do not need to be compared to any other artists. This is a strong musical duo whose music can stand on its own two feet . . . The songs are beautiful and the overall atmosphere created is perfect.”

— Maverick Magazine

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