Friday Favorites: Summer's Last Tomatoes

 Cherry Tomatoes!

Cherry Tomatoes!

I've been doing a little container gardening on my front porch this summer in Sutton, Massachusetts. It's been a great success! These little beauties are called "Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes." They are smaller than your average cherry tomato, but they are bursting with crazy-good flavor. I'd love to hear about your gardens. Leave a comment in the comment field below.

A Song for You

Here is some more tomato goodness — Canned Goods by Greg Brown. My favorite line is: "She's got magic in her. You know what I mean? She puts the sun and rain in with her green beans." But, really, every line in this song is incredible.

A Poem for You

"Something in me isn’t ready to let go of summer so easily." That's a line from a poem I'm currently loving called September Tomatoes by Karina Borowicz.

Just for Fun

I've got my eye on this T-shirt — The Tomato Sandwich T-shirt. Love it!

Happy Friday, everyone! — Holly