Friday Favorites: 3 Songwriters and Their Songs

 Black Hawk Folk Festival, Mt. Morris, Wisconsin. Photo by  Spook Handy

Black Hawk Folk Festival, Mt. Morris, Wisconsin. Photo by Spook Handy

Who are some of your favorite songwriters? What songs do you think showcase the very best of high-quality songwriting? Please share in the comments below.

Today, I'm paying tribute to some of my favorite songwriters and the songs that inspire me as a writer. I can see I'm going to have to compose a few of these kinds of posts because I have many more to share with you!


The Kid by Buddy Mondlock. Steals my heart every time with this great opening line: "I'm the kid who ran away with the circus. Now I'm watering elephants." Mondlock takes us all the way to the Turkish Empire in this song about a dreamer. There's a bit of a love story in here, and even, Bogie makes an appearance.


Dad's Yard by Catie Curtis. This song reminds me of my late father. I can't get through this song without crying — it's the song that I chose for the Father-Daughter dance at my wedding. I love how Curtis crafted and sings this line: "He can see the beauty beneath the dust and the grime. He can see potential where the rest of us are blind." The objects in this song — cracked snowshoes and warped wooden skis — all these fine details really paint a picture.


75 Septembers by Cheryl Wheeler. Another song that reminds me of my dad. I performed this song at my very first open mic along with When Fall Comes to New England — another incredible song by Wheeler. Such amazing imagery that marks the passage of time: "Now the fields are all four lanes, and the moon's not just a name. Are you more amazed at how things change? Or how they stay the same?"