Album Reviews for The 45th Parallel

I am such a huge fan of this duo. In 2010, I named their release Strawberry Moon as the very best release of the year. Their follow up in 2012 Letters from the Road was equally impressive, and this CD — outstanding — already a lock for my Best of the Year list . . . anything this duo puts out, I am a true fan of.
— Barry G., Acoustic Highway, WHRV, Virginia
Each of these songs is impressive in its own way. . . . The enchanting fly-fishing lyrical story is vivid, focused and engaging. It’s a pleasure to hear songs of this caliber.
— The Great American Song Contest
They have a lovely vocal-driven, acoustic sound, which I loved. . . . ‘Emily Dickinson’ is the track which stood out for me. It’s about a historic poet from Massachusetts. . . . They have a really nice sound. I really enjoyed this album.
— Stewart Fenwick, Scottish Radio from University of Strathclyde
I simply adore Neptune’s Car’s music. They create a fantastic blend of beautiful story-lines, stunning melodies, and fantastic guitar playing. I was eagerly looking forward to the release of The 45th Parallel and bought it as soon as I saw it had come out. I’ve been playing it ever since.

The songs are just so strong. Each one touches me in a different way. I know sometimes people have “favorites” on an album where they seek out a specific song and don’t really listen to the others. But for me, I put this on and just let it play through. And then start it again. It’s that rich, soothing, and comforting.

I write books and recently I was out at a book signing. I was feeling stressed. So I had the store put on a Neptune’s Car CD for me. Instantly the stress released, my heart lifted, and it was like “coming home.” It brought peace and joy.

Highly recommended.
— Lisa S.
As fresh and melodious as ever, Neptune’s Car has graced the New Year with their third album of contemporary folk songs. Holly Hanson and Steve Hayes combine their considerable talents to provide ten new musical portraits of people and places along “The 45th Parallel,” that magical circle of latitude that is halfway between the Equator and North Pole. After hearing the album for the first time today, my wife exclaimed “That is one you want to hear again and again.” Simply beautiful. Nothing more need be said.
— Bruce U.
This is truly an extraordinary folk album with some amazing acoustic guitar. One of the best that I have heard in a long time. Holly has a voice that is as gorgeous as a summer breeze on a warm afternoon. In the tradition of great folk songs, many are stories of people’s lives and some lost and faded memories. Their other albums are just as wonderful.
— JohnnyBGood