Album Reviews for Strawberry Moon

‘Strawberry Moon’ is the freshest, most beautiful folk album I have heard in a long time. Once you listen to it, the haunting melodies will keep going over and over in your head. I discovered the album this weekend and my wife and I have been listening to it every day since. Every track is a treasure with no duds or fillers. Neptune’s Car has a great musical future and I am glad to have caught this duo at their outset. Buy this album. You won’t be disappointed.
— Bruce U.
Strawberry Moon by Neptune’s Car.... is an ambitious and superb first (CD) album by singer-songwriter Holly Hanson, accompanied by Steve Hayes and friends. Holly and Steve have put to music the sensitive and far-reaching poetry and storytelling of Holly’s gifted muse. Mix in her gentle, clear voice and folk, acoustic guitar, and you have one of the most musical albums to arrive on the scene in a long time. Steve Hayes contributes a song of his own, while singing harmonies and playing various instruments on the album. Together the couple make a playful new duo!

Whether the song is a road trip through red-rock canyons, the solitary world of a lighthouse keeper, or the sparks of a new love affair, Holly’s lyrics and music seem to come together in a naturally satisfying and artistic way. This is a beautiful and well-produced offering. Your ears will be delighted and your heart will sing along! Worth a listen if you like folk and country music, and the recording quality is also top notch.
— David S.
Every song on this album brings you lyrical story telling. You understand exactly what Holly Hanson is saying to you. The stories are made even more enticing carried by wonderfully crafted music. And Holly’s voice will ‘grab you in by your heart.’

I found Neptune’s Car on NPR — it more than paid back my donation.
— C. D. Peterson
Great songs, love it.
— Thomas F.