Album Reviews for Letters from the Road

The songs on ‘Letters from the Road’ are each wonderful little stories delivered via beautiful melodies. If you like intimate, warm folk music voices I think you’ll really enjoy Holly and Steve - Neptune’s Car.
— C. D. Peterson
Letters from the Road is Neptune’s Car’s second CD, and was released in 2012. Where the first CD had a folk sound to me, this one has swayed more into the country vibe. The duo of Holly Hanson and Steve Hayes have beautiful vocals and wonderful acoustic guitar music which I could easily set on “repeat” all day long.

The songwriting is simply lovely. Each song tells a tale, drawing you into the world portrayed. You’re nestled by a lighthouse. You’re musing life in a country bar. You’re traveling the rails with Boxcar Betty, or you’re finding and losing love in the old west. Each story gives us another facet of the world. Many remind us that life isn’t perfect - but we hang in there and make it through.

I loved Flashing in the Dark, about the Rose Island Lighthouse, as well as Boxcar Betty as my two favorites. All of them are lovely, in their own way, from the cutesy Truck Song to the poignant Letters from the Road.

Well recommended.
— Lisa S.